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#150: Safety Visor for Landmine Removal, Kosovo: $40.00 will provide a safety visor for a de-miner, disposal engineer or operational supervisor who is removing landmines. Associated organization: The Halo Trust,


#180: Albania, Physical Therapy Equipment: A newly established and American mentored physical therapy and rehabilitation clinic in Elbasan, Albania is in need of professional therapeutic equipment and supplies.  Paraffin Therabath, $231.00; Mat Exercise Table: $620.00; Clinic traction unit, $3329.00; topical analgesic, $8.00/tube; Aquasonic gel, $20.00/5 liters and Iontophoresis electrodes, $40/package of 12.  Quality care is given regardless of ability to pay.

#52: School Furniture, Albania: $55.00 will buy one desk and two chairs for one of four K-12 public schools, each with 400 students, in the farm community of Bilisht.  Associated Organization:  Rotary in Albania and US.

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#24: Shelving: $92.00 will provide custom shelving for donated books for the American College of Sofia, Bulgaria. The school serves approximately 600 high school students, 70% of whom receive financial aid. 100% of 2004 graduates were accepted at universities. Program Associated with Project: Rotary.


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#315:  Underpants, Greece, Refugee Camp: $1.00 will provide a pair of underpants for a woman in a refugee camp.  60,000 war refugees are living in camps in Greece and most of them will be there indefinitely, living in government camps where conditions are dire.  Although Non-Governmental Organizations (NGOs) try to fill gaps of need, there are not enough resources for even the basics.  One of those basics is underwear.  Many of the women and girls in the camp own a single pair of underwear.  Some have none.  Compounding the need for underwear is the fact that people in the camps do not have access to laundry facilities or, in some cases, adequate water supplies.  A few dollars will make a big difference in the comfort and dignity of women who have faced unimaginable trauma in their lives.

#295: Lesbos, Greece, Sleeping Bags for Syrian Refugees: $34.00 will provide a sleeping bag which doubles as a winter jacket for refugees who are arriving on the coast of Lesbos, Greece. These refugees have been forced out of their homes by the war in Syria. On a daily basis the refugees are risking their lives on flimsy rubber rafts to cross the cold and harsh sea. Everything they own is packed into a single backpack, in the hopes of reaching safety. Often they have spent everything they have to make this trip and unfortunately many of them lose the one bag they are allowed to take with them. The families who are successful in this journey arrive wet and cold. This is causing medical issues such as severe hypothermia. Many refugees are sleeping on the pavement and dirt and rocks in the cold winter weather. The sleeping bags are sourced from a local Greek manufacturer in order to bolster the local Greek economy. Associated Organization:

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#226: Bus Pass Transportation for English Classes, England: $6.75 will provide a student with a bus pass to attend an English class that meets weekly. The Migrant and Refugee Communities Forum is a community hub that supports the integration of migrants and refugees into their new life in London. In addition to providing much-needed practical language instruction, the classes help students combat isolation by building community.

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