# 354: Australia: GPS: $535.00 will purchase a Garmin Rino UHF 2-way 5W radio touchscreen handheld GPS. The Australian Quoll Conservancy (AQC) will use this equipment to deploy, locate and retrieve cameras in the field used to monitor the rehabilitation and management of the critically endangered Spotted-tailed Quoll in north Queensland, Australia. The Spotted-tailed Quoll is the world’s second largest marsupial carnivore living in mainland Australia and is listed as Endangered under the International Union for Conservation of Nature Red List. Much of the survey areas are vast, and require several cameras apart, amid high altitude and rugged rainforest habitat. These extremely reliable GPS units are a desirable item and among the prerequisites for AQC work. The GPS will assist in safely maintaining and retrieving cameras and other equipment left in the field for management work, to help save this species from extinction in north Queensland, Australia.

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