#343: Rice, Cambodia:  $85.00 per month will provide 18 scholarship Cambodian university students from orphanages and poor communities with rice.  The students  wrote: “We all need money for food every day because sometimes there is not enough food for us.  If we are able to have consistent support to cover the monthly cost of rice, it will help us alleviate the potential food shortages we face and support this vital program.”  Associated Organization: Global Children, global-children.344org.  Global Children’s purpose is to empower youth from underserved communities and orphanages through education, the arts and character development.  25 students have graduated from Building A Brighter Future.  They are self-sufficient citizens and occupy professional positions in such fields as finance, tourism, engineering and non-profit management.  The average graduate earns $350 a month, five times Cambodia’s annual per capita income. 

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