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#62: Food for Famine in Kenya: $2.00 provides 3 meals a day for a student at the Kiteta Girls Secondary School in eastern Kenya. Many people are facing starvation due to the drought that has made it impossible for crops to grow. Associated organization: CEWAY (Center for Women and Youth Services).
Many people in Kenya are facing starvation due to the drought that has made it impossible for crops to grow. The president of Kenya has declared the famine a national disaster, and requested relief food from development partners including international organizations such as the United Nations. Currently, over 3 million people are facing starvation, unless food can be quickly mobilized to them.
In an effort to assist in alleviating the famine problem in the country, CEWAY Services is working to provide food to the students at Kiteta Girls Secondary School. The school is located in Eastern Province, one of the areas in the country that is severely hit by the famine. By providing food to the school, the students will be able to continue with their studies and avoid interrupting their studies.
It takes about two dollars ($US 2.00) to feed a student for one day. The school has 200 students. Kenya has been drought prone over the last three years due to lack of the usual rains. CEWAY Services has been assisting as possible through individuals and organizations. The Kenya leadership has and still is doing the best they can but the situation is BAD. We are asking organizations and individuals to assist where they can. We are saying that ‘ONE DAY’S MEAL IS WELCOME’. Kiteta students need our help. Projections are that the present drought will continue up to next year.

#67: Blankets and Mattresses, Kenya: $10.00 will buy a blanket and $35.00 will buy a mattress for a boy between the ages of 15-18 in a juvenile detention center in western Kenya. Currently 400 boys sleep on cement floors and there is one blanket for each group of 5 boys to share. Most of the boys are there because of dire circumstances.

#84: Bedding, Kenya: Bedding costs are: $7.00 (sheet); $6.00 (blanket), $8.00 (pillow) and $12.50 (mattress) for orphans and destitute secondary students (age 14-22) who attend the school and live at the Ghetto in the Urban Rehabilitation Education Center in Nairobi. The school provides them their only educational opportunity.

#92: Basketball Court, Kenya: Cement costs $10 per bag for building a basketball court; $300 will provide the basket, metal posts, rings, boards and scoreboard for a juvenile facility in western Kenya. The boys, ages 13-18, and staff will build the court to provide a formal sports education program.

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