Founder and President
Gail G. Uilkema, Ed. D.

Lantern Projects Founder, Gail G. Uilkema, Ed.D.

Gail Uilkema served as a teacher and administrator in the United States and abroad for 36 years. In 2002 she was selected National Superintendent of the Year by the American Association of School Administrators. Gail has served on numerous boards, including Regents of the University of California, Association for the Advancement of International Education and MOCHA, Museum of Children’s Art. She is an active Rotarian and is a Docent at the Asian Art Museum in San Francisco. Gail has spoken at educational conferences and worked with schools around the world.

In 2003, after 21 years as a school superintendent, Gail retired and immediately founded Lantern Projects. Over the years she had raised funds for many overseas projects and saw how a small amount of funding can really make a difference. She also felt that it was important for children to see that they could contribute in a meaningful way. Gail feels that it is important for children to develop a philanthropic attitude at an early age. Through Gail’s direct connections she is able to obtain projects worldwide. 100% of the funds that are received are given to the projects. The person responsible for each project signs an agreement that 100% of the funds received will be used for the project. Through Lantern Projects Gail is proud to bring the light of hope to others.