$236.00 will provide a hand pump well and filter for rural families in Siem Reap and Odor Meachey Provinces in NW Cambodia. Currently very few families have a clean, safe source of water. These wells are for families who were displaced during the Pol Pot regime. Recipients include widows, widowers and physically frail persons. From 2009-2015: 285 water pump wells have been provided to rural families, schools and a health clinic in remote villages; 36 cement pipe wells (for deeper drilling) have been provided. A filter is provided for each well. Families share their well water with neighbors so additional filters are provided to neighbors so that they can filter water in their own home. 200 free standing filters have been provided. There are over 100 families waiting for wells. A maintenance fund guarantees that all drilled wells are maintained in operating condition. At the request of one of the remote villages, the Kouk Reangí Village Library was begun in 2014 and dedicated in January 2015. This Library serves 4 neighboring villages. A daily English Class has been offered since July 2015. Associated organization: www.cambodiaruralwells.org


$236.00 will provide a hand pump well and filter.