Baniko Jaba Ton, the local onion cooperative needs construction materials to build a storage house to store their onion crops for up to 6 months. Onions are seasonally farmed, so the market becomes flooded with onions during the harvest and the prices go down. The farmers come from 15 villages approximately 200 km from the capital of Bamako. They will provide the labor and 50% of the building material cost. They need: 10,000 mud bricks (6 cents each); 100 bags of cement ($120.00 each); eight shelving units ($400.00 each); two doors ($240.00 each) and ten small windows ($130.00 each). This project is being coordinated by a former Mali Peace Corps volunteer.


10,000 mud bricks 6 cents each
100 bags of cement $120.00 each
Eight shelving units $400.00 each
Two doors $240.00 each
Ten small windows $130.00 each