The Child Resource Institute in Zimbabwe (CRIZ) is developing an income generating child care center in Harare.  The preschool is named Rolf Valley International Day School. The goal of this income generating center is to empower the CRIZ to be able to construct preschool centers in rural areas for disadvantaged children. Many preschool aged children in these areas do not have proper learning environments.  CRIZ believes that all children, regardless of  their social economic environment, have the right to learn in environments that are healthy, safe and stimulating.  The following items are needed: Tables, $25.00; Chairs, $7.50; Shelves, $25.00; Curtains, $15.00; Rug, $38 and Carpet, $58. The school will serve 50 students.  Associated Organization:


Tables, $25.00
Chairs, $7.50
Shelves, $25.00
Curtains, $15.00
Rug, $38
Carpet, $58