Due to the conflict in Syria, over 200,000 children have come into Jordan seeking refuge with their families just in the last few months.  They need food, $50.00 (lunch and snacks for 1 child for 1 month) and hygiene kits, $15.00 (ex: soap, lotion).  In addition, many children, ages 7 - 16, have missed out on regular schooling.  Temporary schools have been set up in the camp area and some students are able to go to schools in the cities.  $20.00 will provide a school kit (ex: pencils, pens, paper).  Associated Organization: www.salaamculturalmuseum.org.


Food, $50.00 (lunch and snacks for 1 child for 1 month).
Hygiene kits, $15.00 (ex: soap, lotion).
School kit $20.00 (ex: pencils, pens, paper).