Construction supplies cost: bag of cement ($11), durable cement blocks ($1 each), a window ($89), a door ($67), a truckload of sand ($40); desks for three to four students ($50) and textbooks ($20). There are 350 students at the new Orkiu Primary School. While half the children (ages 7-9) are learning inside the two roughly built classrooms, 175 must wait outside on a cold, windy, and sometimes rainy plateau for their turn to learn. The Maasai village elders have asked for help in building two sustainably constructed classrooms so all children can have a full day of learning inside a classroom. The average wage in Tanzania--one of the worldís 10 poorest countries--is $1.20 a day. There are simply not enough community or government resources to build needed classrooms. However, if the classrooms are built, the government will provide the teachers.


Bag of cement ($11)
Durable cement blocks ($1 each)
Window ($89)
Door ($67)
A truckload of sand ($40)
Desks for three to four students ($50)
Textbooks ($20)