$100.00 bunk bed: $10.00 blanket; $25.00 mattress; $10.00 sheet set; $10.00 mosquito net; $9.00 pillow; $10.00 for a personal storage box for each child.  These items are needed for Home of Hope, Molo, Kenya.  Molo was one of the worst regions affected by Kenya's post election violence in 2008. The toll of the emergency included approximately 1,500 deaths and 300,000 people left internally displaced. Molo is a small town that exploded in growth following the ethnic clashes that caused many to flee for safety. Molo hosted one of the largest internally displaced persons camps in Kenya with nearly 40,000 people.  Later many people were driven from their former homes and were resettled in alternative locations by the government, leaving many orphans behind with no guardians to care for them.  After a major gasoline tanker explosion in 2009 many more children were orphaned. Associated Organization: www.springsofhopefoundation.org.


$100.00 bunk bed
$10.00 blanket
$25.00 mattress
$10.00 sheet set
$10.00 mosquito net
$9.00 pillow
$10.00 for a personal storage box for each child