To build a 340 meter wall the following supplies are needed: cement (sack) is $11.25; sand (boatload) $52.00; gravel (boatload) $76.50; quick lime (sack) $21.50; and paint (bucket) $6.00. A new, much-needed school has opened in the small town of Dioro. In Mali, primary school enrollment is fairly low, with only approximately 3/4 of children attending. Maliís government adopted the UN Millennium Development Goal, set in 2000, to increase primary school enrollment for all. However, the education system is impacted by a lack of schools in rural areas, such as Dioro, shortages of teachers and materials, as well as political unrest. The Ardo Primary School headmaster seeks financial support to secure the school and playground with a perimeter cinderblock wall. It will protect children from vehicles that drive unimpeded through the playground. It will also provide security for the classrooms and a storage shed that are otherwise unprotected from the street and vandalism. A one-room shelter will be built on the property where the school watchman will live - a further deterrent to vandals. There is no running water in Dioro, however the school has recently installed a well. Access to water will enable students to cultivate vegetables. The wall will protect the vegetables until harvest when they will be sold in the market to pay for a few basic needs such as books, tables and chairs. Associated Donor Organization: Oakland Rotary Club #3 World Community Service committee. Thirty years ago Rotarian Michelle Bashin served as a Peace Corps volunteer in Dioro and has stayed in touch with the community ever since. The school headmaster contacted her requesting support for the school wall. For insight into life in Dioro view this brief youtube video.


Cement (sack) is $11.25
Sand (boatload) $52.00
Gravel (boatload) $76.50
Quick lime (sack) $21.50
Paint (bucket) $6.00