Okpoe is a small village on the Volta River, 25 miles from the Atlantic Ocean.  Most of the people living there are elderly women because the young people have migrated to the cities for work.  The older women living there have not much to do during the day except sit at home, so the residents contributed funds to build a community center for them.  Many elderly women in this West African country are untouched by the meager social security system; they are poor, struggling and often ignored.  The women have low rates of education and are subject to cultural discrimination.  The center is intended to be a place where they can socialize and also look after the remaining children in the village who otherwise would have to walk long distances in the heat with their mothers to the market or to the fields.  Instead, at the refurbished community center, the young people will look after the older people and vice versa.  In addition to contributing funds, the village residents  donated their labor for the building, and will do so again to add a bathroom, paint the structure and build the furniture.


In order to finish constructing and equipping a community center,
the following items are needed:

paint (bucket) $10.00 each
chairs $20.00 each
small tables $10.00 each
books $2.00 each
toys $5.00 each
a short wave radio $20.00.