This women’s empowerment project is requesting five sewing machines, $100 each; funds for repair and maintenance, $30 per machine; and $100 for associated training materials.  The sewing machines are primarily for poor rural women of Udayapur district, one of 75 districts in Nepal, which is approximately 100 miles south east of Kathmandu.   Until recently, residents of this remote district had no electricity, telephones or modern sanitation.  Now these women, who have already formed the first group, desire to be self-employed and self-sufficient. . A local instructor will teach the group of 50 women.  After three months they will have adequate skills to open a small tailoring shop.  Moreover, the training will be ongoing so that other groups of 50 can benefit from the same five machines.


5 sewing machines, $100 each
Funds for repair and maintenance, $30 per machine
$100 for associated training materials