These items will be used by 250 students at the La Prepa High School.  This is part of a hands-on education improvement project in the small farming town of Las Varas in coastal Nayarit, Mexico, north of Puerta Vallarta.  This is a cooperative school which is administered by a local board of parents and teachers.  Associated organization: Berkeley, CA Rotary Club.


Measuring cups ($5.00)
Measuring spoons set ($8.50)
Hand held mixer ($20.00)
Thermometer ($4.50)
Spatula ($5.00)
Chef's knives ($16.00)
Whisk ($4.00)
Mixing bowls ($27.00)
Can opener ($7.00)
10 pc. pots and pans set ($60.00)
Baking dishes ($4.00 - $9.00)
Blender ($30.00)
Scale ($15.00)
Food processor ($50.00)
Slow cooker ($30.00)