$10.00 will provide a bag for a survivor of sexual assault. In the US, a woman is sexually assaulted every two minutes. That is an average of 230,000 victims a year. After the trauma of a sexual assault, the Women’s Wisdom Initiative is providing a Traveling Heart bag to survivors in many hospitals across the US. In addition to a change of clothes and toiletries, these sturdy and beautiful bags also contain a Traveling Postcard - an original postcard-sized work of art by a fellow survivor, containing a message of hope, love, and resilience. Also included is an invitation to return to a local rape crisis center for support and other resources. The bags offer the traumatized survivor not only fresh clothes, but also an immediate and tangible proof that she is not alone, that she is not to be blamed or shamed, and that there is a loving community out there ready to support her and help her heal from day one. The bags are sewn in Nashville by women who have come to the US as political refugees. http://womenswisdominitiative.org/traveling-heart-hospital-bags/.


$10.00 will provide a bag.