For the price of a child’s car seat or booster seat ($50.00 - 200.00), you can provide parents involved in domestic violence a sense of security knowing their children are safely buckled into the right-sized seat. CORA (Community Overcoming Relationship Abuse) is the only domestic violence agency in San Mateo County, CA. When a family flees domestic violence, they often leave with only the clothes on their backs. While CORA has many good partners in the community who provide household and personal goods, the one gap CORA has consistently noticed is assistance with purchasing new car seats/boosters. The need is high, as the demand for services has significantly increased. When it comes to parents with children who have special needs, the cost and urgency for such seats is even higher.
CORA has served over 10,000 individuals in the last three years.


Child’s car seat or Booster seat ($50.00 - 200.00)