American Indian Health and Family Services is a Title V Urban Indian Organization in southeast Detroit, MI. The agency is the home of a medical clinic which sees patients who seek treatment for general medicine, physicals, and chronic disease management. The clinic serves approximately 550 patients a year and about 94 of those patients (31 Native Americans) have been diagnosed with diabetes, a significant health issue in the Native and underserved population. The goal of this project is to provide a pedometer to each of the interested patients diagnosed with diabetes. A social worker will meet with each patient and provide education regarding the importance of exercise in controlling diabetes. The social worker also will provide education on how to use the pedometer and what information to record. Phone calls will be made by a social work intern at 2 weeks and 6 weeks to check on whether increased exercise has reduced the patient’s diabetic numbers. Each patient will have an appointment with the social worker at 3 months to address any concerns, evaluate progress, and adjust the patient’s plan, if necessary.


Pedometer cost: $15.00