The 2015 fire season in Indonesia was the worst year on record; over 120,000 separate instances of fire were detected.  Alam Sehat Lestari's (ASRI's), health clinic location in West Kalimantan was covered in a sheet of haze for months. During the haze, the ASRI clinic registered a 48% increase in the number of patients presenting respiratory-related aggravated conditions caused by the haze. If the haze continues to occur annually, the majority of the district population will be at risk of developing chronic respiratory ailments over the long-term. Because of the increase in patients with respiratory problems, ASRI's rural location and the high cost of oxygen, oxygen tank refills are needed.

Health In Harmony supports ASRI, an Indonesian nonprofit organization in West Kalimantan, Indonesian Borneo to improve both environmental and human health in the communities around Gunung Palung National Park (GPNP). Gunung Palung National Park is a 90,000-hectare protected area of rainforest, home to 5-10% of the world’s orangutans, and a vital watershed that supports 60,000 people living on its borders. ASRI’s health clinic provides medical and dental care, and promotes the protection of the forest by offering health discounts to villages that stop logging in GPNP. Patients also have the ability to pay for the clinic through incentives such as working on reforestation projects and trading seedlings or organic manure.


$16.00 will refill an oxygen tank.