The following are needed to set up a Perma Garden program and individual gardens: $12.00, seeds; $13.00, plant seedlings; $1.50, tree seedling; $5.00, watering can; $13.00, soil amendments; $2.00 sisal (fence material); $9.00 nails.  Over 80% of the population in Northern Uganda relies on subsistence farming.  Families largely depend on food from their fields and resources from the broader environment for firewood, medicine, building materials and fodder for their animals. The harvest also is used to pay for school fees and health care. At harvest, their yield often represents only seven - eight months worth of food which can lead to food insecurity and hunger.   Households are forced to cut down on meals to once a day or every other day.  Applying locally adapted elements of permaculture land use design and biointensive agriculture, Community Action Fund for Women in Africa (CAFWA) developed a permaculture approach to help maximize production in small spaces around the home.  More than a "kitchen garden," this technical approach is based on the appropriate use of local resources, water conservation and long-term soil fertility measures to produce a variety of nutritious and accessible food crops that will provide families with access to food year round.  Associated Organization:


$12.00, seeds
$13.00, plant seedlings
$1.50, tree seedling
$5.00, watering can
$13.00, soil amendments
$2.00 sisal (fence material)
$9.00 nails