The Kimbondo Orphanage, outside of Kinshasa, was founded in 1990 and currently houses, clothes, feeds, and educates over 800 children.   One building, consists of two bedrooms (each ~20 square meters) and two bathrooms and is shared by 80 young people, ages 5 – 14.  Three teachers from a local international school, working with a trusted six-year live-in volunteer, have begun the “A Bed for Each Child Project”, to add on two large bedrooms and bathrooms.  When the new addition is outfitted with long-lasting concrete frame bunk beds and mattresses, each of the 80 children will be able to sleep in his/her own bed.  Cost estimates: $12.00, bag of cement; $60.00, concrete bunk bed; $11.00, roof sheet; $145.00 door. Through additional funds the project also will provide labor for 25 people—hugely important in a region wracked by unemployment. Additionally, ten Kimbondo teens will receive construction training.  Blog:


$12.00, bag of cement
$60.00, concrete bunk bed
$11.00, roof sheet
$145.00 door