The library building at the Batwa Pygmy School in Rwaburindi needs building and repair supplies. $56.00 per metal door; $250.00 per window; $5.50 per roofing sheet; $42.00 for roofing nails; $7.50 for timber pieces; and $8.50 per bag of cement. Batwa Pygmies are a marginalized group in Uganda. They were relocated out of their homeland and way of life when the National parks were established, protecting the gorillas. From primitive hunter gatherers they had to adjust to being small farmers or day laborers on other people's land. Their chance of survival for their children is education, yet their schools are often neglected and unequipped. Even so hundreds of children, poorly nourished and without basic supplies are joyfully coming to school every day to learn.


$56.00 per metal door
$250.00 per window
$5.50 per roofing sheet
$42.00 for roofing nails
$7.50 for timber pieces
$8.50 per bag of cement