Since 2002 Street Level Health has responded to the specialized needs of a community which is 93% foreign-born.  Known to many as the "safety net of the safety net" Street Level Health is a critical entry point in the health care and social service system for a marginalized population excluded from the Affordable Health Care Act.  The drop-in service model provides health screenings and episodic care to hundreds of immigrants annually.  This includes behavioral health, nutrition consultation and case management services that aid in navigating the complex health care system   The following types of items are needed: $18 Adhesive strip band-aids;  $11.00 exam gloves: $34.00 disposable ear specula; $102.00 Urine specimen container; $21.00 Blood glucose test strips; $40.00 Lancet needles; $33.00 Table paper (12/case); $28.00 cotton balls and $58.00 Syringe with hypodermic needles.


$18 Adhesive strip band-aids
$11.00 exam gloves: $34.00 disposable ear specula
$102.00 Urine specimen container
$21.00 Blood glucose test strips
$40.00 Lancet needles
$33.00 Table paper (12/case)
$28.00 cotton balls
$58.00 Syringe with hypodermic needles