Casa Hogar Los Angelitos (CHLA) provides 24 hour care in a family-like setting with emotional, mental and medical care, education, spiritual foundation and English and Expressive arts classes.  Helping each child, regardless of previous circumstances, reach his or her full potential and dreams is the guiding principal.  Education is a proven avenue to breaking the cycle of poverty.  All the school age children at CHLA attend school.  Children are not sent back to the streets at a certain age but are encouraged to stay in school.  After high school students are encouraged to continue their studies.  CHLA is a non-profit organization under Mexican law.  It is not a religious or government organization.


Building supplies for toilets are needed:
$10.00 each, cement bags
$5.00 each, rods
$24.00, 15kg annealed wire
$35.00, 5kg nails
$24.00, 15kg wire rod
$36.00, 3m construction sand
$42.00, 2m gravel
$64.00 each, wall partitions.