For nearly 10 years, ForWords has been committed to helping low income, underserved students read, write, think critically and see worlds beyond the streets of their neighborhood, to become educated, productive citizens.  First generation 7th and 8th grade students meet after school to read works by award winning authors.  They analyze how ideas are conveyed through art.  In their final project students create linoleum prints with positive images, accompanied by their writings that challenge the negative narratives of racism and sexism today.  The finished works will be displayed in a public gallery and published in a book.  The project is part of the ForWords "College Access and Student Success" program which engages students and their families in their educational success, working towards high school graduation and eventually college.


The following art supplies are needed per student:
Linoleum blocks, $8.00
Ink, $6.00
Brayers, $3.00
Gouges, $4.00
Trays and spoons, $1.00
Canvas, $3.00
Paper and pencils $3.00