Women and girls in Cameroon face marginalization, injustice and poverty.  In the Center region, especially Yaounde and its environs, there are more children living in single parenting homes or forced to live with relatives or friends due to the financial hardship of their mothers.  These mothers are helpless and hopeless and cannot take proper care of their children with no money and no jobs.  This soap-making project is a solution to a desperate situation.  It aims to provide at least 25 vulnerable women with skills in soap production, leadership and business.

Soap is a useful item in homes.  Families usually buy laundry soap and powder soap; hospitals also need soap for cleaning.  This project will provide immediate income so that women can take care of themselves and their family.


Unit costs are:
$60.00 soap materials
$100.00 cutting table
$2.00 label and packaging