EK FM is a youth-operated, wind-powered community radio station in Mfangano, the largest Kenyan island in Lake Victoria, which runs out of the Ekialo Kiona Center, a local community-based organization. Programs are broadcast in Suba, an ancient Bantu language that is critically endangered, according to UNESCO. The Suba people suffer from one of the highest incidence rates of HIV/AIDS in East Africa (26%). Radio is a highly effective mode of communication in rural, low-resource settings. Since its launch on World AIDS Day in 2012, EK-FM has served as a lifeline for a variety of public heath, environmental, and cultural programming to nearly 200,000 underserved listeners along the shores of Lake Victoria. However, an electrical storm surge damaged radio equipment beyond repair, so the need for a replacement transmitter is urgent. Associated organization: Organic Health Response.


A FM stereo transmitter for a community radio station costs approximately $2700, depending on the model.