In order to insure children do not study on an empty stomach Cambodian Community Dream (CCDO) organizes a free breakfast program at three village schools. Seeing that most children only get rice and vegetables in their home meals they make sure that protein is included at breakfast to prevent stunting and promote brain development. To make the program more sustainable they have school gardens tended by students and teachers where they grow vegetables used for cooking. Parents who are farmers are asked to contribute rice to the best of their ability. CCDO provides oil, salt, sugar, soy sauce and protein in the form of fish and chicken. There are outdoor kitchens and cooks in each school and children do the serving and washing of the trays and utensils. Free breakfast has also been proven to promote attendance in school and prevent drop out. CCDO feeds 975 children ages 3-18 six days a week. Associated Organization: Cambodian Community Dream Organiazation.


$15.00 One box of 24 cans of fish