This women’s empowerment workshop will be offered to women in both rural Uganda and rural Malawi. It will focus on reducing domestic violence as well as HIV/AIDS. These two issues are inextricably connected. Women in these areas face disempowerment and often lack control over their own bodies.  After the women are trained they meet every three months in their village to continue to support one another.

Women who bring income into the family find they have more negotiation power. The women come together to build cooperatives where women can earn an income to help their families and bring needed empowerment. Micro-loan opportunities will be made available for sustainable projects.


$15.00 Flip charts
$7.50 Sharpie markers
$5.50 Masking tape
$3.00 Scissors
$20.00 Bus tickets
$365 $40.00 Cooking oil
$28 Cooking fuel
$90.00 Water
$366 Food for a week