The goal is to set up a shop with two stations.

There are several reasons for setting up a barber shop in Jordan, but the main reason is to train refugees in a new skill to help them become independent. Those interested will apply and then be paired with an established barber who will teach them all the techniques and how to run a barber business. The refugees will eventually become self-supporting with their new skill.

The other important factor is hygiene. Barbershops perform an important function in helping people maintain hygiene by detecting, controlling, and eradicating lice outbreaks. One of the main reasons for a lice outbreak is due to lack of water and early detection. Barbers will be able to help detect and treat lice, lowering the spread of the pest.  Associated Organization:  Salaam Cultural Museum.


Funding is needed for items such as the following:
Chair, $400.00
Water Tank, $350.00
Sink, $150.00
Counter top, $150
Hair Dryers, $150.00
Mirrors, $80
Start-up supply of shampoo, lice treatment, $55.00
Supply Carts, $50.00
Combs, Brushes, Scissors, $75.00
Towels, Capes, $75.00
Waiting Area Chairs, $25.00