After Mt. Pinatubo erupted in 1991, approximately 50,000 indigenous Aeta tribal people of the Philippines lost their access to clean, safe drinking water.  The destruction eliminated the topsoil, wild animals, villages, crops, plantations, livestock and fisheries, which have not rebounded.  Most children are malnourished.  Providing a 5-gallon plastic container to one family with children is a life-changing gift to turn thirst and hunger into hope when a family can collect water for drinking, cooking and growing food.

Female water buffaloes are excellent animals for reforestation as they can move well in tropical/dry regions, muddy areas and on strenuous terrain.  They also provide milk that contains more calcium, protein and potassium than cow’s milk, which makes it a better nutritional supplement for infants.  They yield 7- 11 liters of milk per day.  Each female water buffalo gives birth every two years, starting at five years and continuing up to 25 years of age.  The water buffaloes will be owned by the women.  This will give them control over how to use the water buffaloes in a way that most benefits their families.    Associated Organization: Aeta Tribe Foundation.


$5.00 5-gallon blue plastic water container
$500.00 A female water buffalo