The island of Roatan Honduras sits approximately 30 miles off of mainland Honduras.  It is an extremely poor island which has 28 elementary schools and 31 kindergartens.  Although it is a very small island it has many small schools because most of them were built in the 1950’s when communities were extremely small and parents had no cars, there was no bus system and most of the roads were not paved. Today almost all of the schools, which have two or three classrooms, are overflowing with students.  However, the real heartbreak is that many children on the island do not attend school because their parents cannot afford a basic school uniform which is a necessity in the Honduran school system.  The minimum wage in Honduras is $250-$340 a month depending upon the industry.  Although housing is less affordable, electricity and food are both more expensive than the United States.  Associated Organization:


$35.00 will provide a school uniform
consisting of a white shirt, blue pants or skirt, belt, shoes and socks.