The Kimbondo Orphanage, outside of Kinshasa, was founded in 1990 and currently houses, clothes, feeds, and educates over 800 children.   The four- bedroom Foyer House currently houses approximately 75 children, ages 5 – 18.  Through overuse and decay, the plumbing system is shot and the residents are reduced to sharing two functioning toilet stalls, while contending with the overwhelming stench of raw sewage. Funding of the necessary supplies would yield a massive overhaul of the plumbing and the bathroom facility, which would result in a quadrupling of available toilets in addition to clean, pleasant, and sanitary showers and sinks.  Associated blog:


$58.00 for a toilet
$45.00 for a ton of sand
$110.00 for electrical wiring
$25 for 7kg of nails