The Northern Kenya Conservation Clubs are afterschool clubs that operate in fourteen schools in Laikipia, Kenya. The club at Shiloh Naibor Primary School wants to create a model forest by fencing in an area of the school compound 54 meters by 54 meters to keep out goats and sheep. This would give the teachers and students an area where grass can grow and trees can be planted, a space where they can sit in the shade, hold classes and eat lunch. It would also serve as an important model to the community of what can be accomplished when a conservation area is set aside, where no livestock can consume the grass and leaves. Overgrazing and deforestation are two major environmental problems in this part of the world.


The following materials are needed to provide fencing for a school compound:
Chain link $300.00
Posts $215.00
Barbed wire, $45.00
Cement, $15.00
Sand, $15.00
Nails, $2.00