The Oasis Initiative provides girls clubs (called safe spaces) for girls in Maradi, Niger, at the heart of the Sahel region of Africa. These are places where teenage girls feel secure, connect with other girls and get guidance from a trusted mentor. Girls gain a greater sense of self, learning life skills and bridging gaps in academic learning – especially reading and writing. In doing so girls are more likely to stay in school, marry latter, use family planning and health services and lift their families out of poverty. The meals provided at safe spaces give girls the adequate nutrition needed to focus on their studies and retain critical life lessons. School supplies and uniforms are often too expensive for girls and their families to afford since most families earn less than a dollar per day. Providing uniforms and supplies enables girls to stay enrolled in school each year.


$1.00 will provide a nutritious meal
$10.00 will provide a school uniform
$5.00 will provide school supplies