Nagaland, India: Physical Therapy Equipment for Disabled Students:  This project is located in Kohima, capital of Nagaland in
India. The items will be used for the disabled students of Tabitha Enabling Academy (TEA). TEA is a non-profit charity school for children from low income
economic backgrounds or single parent homes. TEA provides physiotherapy, speech therapy, vocational training, functional therapy and behavior modification. The requested equipment is
mainly for children with Cerebral Palsy or muscle/nerve problems and for treating children who are orthopedically handicapped.


 Quadriceps Table for lower limb exercise, $290;

Static Bicycle for exercise and endurance training, $220.00;

TENS (Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve
Stimulation) for pain relief and muscle and
nerve relaxation, $220.00;

Ultrasound for massage and deep tissue release, $146.00;

Muscle Stimulator for stimulation of
muscles and nerves, $146.00.