Philippines child

$1.00 for a pair of "slippers" and less than $1.00 for antibacterial soap.  These items are needed in order to combat neglected tropical diseases (NDTs).  The most common NTDs are Ascaris, Trichuris and hookworm infections which occur by skin penetration of larvae associated with poor access to water, poor sanitation and poor hygiene.  Indigenous people, such as the Aeta tribes, remain on the margins of society as they are the poorest and least educated.  They live in remote rural areas where access to health care services is poor.  The Aeta Tribe Foundation,, is working with people who are located in the Pampanga and Zambales provinces.  The Aeta communities need slippers and soap as part of their program of teaching children about proper hygiene.  The Foundation plans to work with a minimum of four primary schools throughout Central Luzon, Philippines, with an average of 600 children per school.


$1.00 for a pair of slippers

less than $1.00 for antibacterial soap