Congolese refugees fled violence in the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) to look for a more peaceful life in Kyaka Refugee Camp in Uganda. They have nothing but what they could carry with them and now rely on meager rations of refugee assistance from strained NGO services. The Congolese refugees are hard-working, resilient people who want to rebuild their lives. When refugees have the opportunity to establish small businesses, they can build a small income to help their families with school fees, medical care and daily living supplies. Three families have come together to help each other start small retail shops. Products are purchased in bulk and re-sold in smaller more affordable quantities. This list of goods will stock a small retail shop with the essentials to get started and thrive.


Food Staples
$48.00, 50 kg rice;

$27.00, 50 kg beans;

$23.00, 5 liters vegetable oil;

$20.00, 1 sack sugar; and

$7.00, 1 packet salt


Personal Care
$14.00, 1 kg laundry soap;

$13.00, 1 box soap bars; and

$3.00, 1 package of toilet paper


Dental Care
$4.00 box of toothbrushes;

$13.00 box of 3 dozen toothpaste tubes; and

$48.00 box of teeth medication.