In 2017 a group of 30 Maasai women formed a self-help micro finance group called Enyorata (love). The members meet each week to contribute five cents to buy shares and to fund a 'welfare basket' to support members during sickness, funeral or traditional ceremonies. Members are allowed to get a loan at an interest rate of 5% payable within three months. They engage in small businesses like selling tea leaves, sugar, soap and cheese in their homes and local markets. They would like to purchase a milling machine. This will increase the member's income through milling and grinding maize. Additionally, it will save the women energy and time to walk for more than 20 km to search for this service. The cost of the milling machine is $3080. The cooperative will contribute $380 and a generous donor will contribute approximately ½ of the remaining balance. The machine will create a sense of confidence in ownership, an employment opportunity and the ability to pay for girls' education with the proceeds. Besides increasing revenue and reducing poverty, it also will improve nutrition.


$3080.00 Maize Milling Machine