When women are accepted into the free 12-month vocational training school, they are taken for eye and dental exams. The students come from poor, rural areas where they did not have access to dental or vision care. Vision: There are always women who have suffered with sight problems or eye diseases that were not addressed due to poverty. Generally they just require a pair of prescription glasses. Some have more serious problems such as retinitis pigmentosa or keratoconus, which require more extensive treatment and medication. Dental: Most students need routine fillings or removal of a decayed molar. Others require more complex procedures such as a root canal or crown.


$50.00, Eye Glasses

$200.00, Initial and Follow Up Consultations with Ophthalmologist

$15.00, Vision Medication

$20.00, Initial Consultation with Dentist

$25.00, Dental X-rays

$10.00, Antibiotics

$100.00, Filling or Tooth Extraction

$200.00, Root Canal

$300.00, Crown