Associated organization Health in Harmony will conduct medical outreach to 1385 households in 30 villages surrounding the Manombo Special Reserve. Local communities suffer from extreme poverty, widespread malnutrition and inadequate healthcare.  Climate change adds to those stresses, with extended droughts, frequent cyclones and an unpredictable growing season.  Health in Harmony pursues both human development and environmental conservation in areas of high biodiversity as complementary aspects of planetary health. Locally designed interventions are holistic, for example, integrating access to health care and sustainable livelihoods.


$2.50 Rubber Gloves

$1.35 Bandages/Dressings

$2.50 Sterile Compresses

$.75 - $4.25 Medication
(Primperan, Pharma gel, Betadine, Benzoic salicylic acid)