$35.00 will provide a simple water filter  which is small and easy to maintain.  The Rotary Club of Concord, California, has been working in the remote North Eastern corner of Honduras, as part of a six-year project, bringing water into 30 grade schools. Currently no school has more than two days each week. Rotarians are installing water systems that will provide water every day. Nearly 1,000 teachers are being trained in a  comprehensive and new Water, Sanitation, Hygiene and Education program. Providing drinking water is a challenge. Water will affect the lives of every child and will result in improved health and fewer sick days out of school. Almost every school has two sessions each day,  morning and afternoon, so almost 8,500 students need drinking water daily. After careful review and discussions with teachers and parent committees, it was decided that the most efficient, cost effective and simple solution is to provide a Sawyer Bucket Filter at strategic places in each school. Teachers and children will be trained in their maintenance and upkeep.


$35.00 per water filter