The internal crisis in Cameroon has wreaked havoc in the Western Regions of Cameroon, leading to killing, destruction of properties and displacement of persons.  The continuous crisis has caused local residents, mostly women and children, to flee into neighboring areas such as the Mamfe Region and non-affected communities.  They have lost all of their valuables, clothing and houses.  Associated organization United Organization for Children is implementing a project based on the Farmer Field Schools where women are clustered into groups within their locality and receive training and guidance regarding poultry farming for one year.  Women are provided chicks, feed and feeders among other things. They also receive extension services by animal husbandry field staff.


$.42 for a chick
$20.00 for 100 kg of mash (feed)
$4.15 for a drinker
$1.70 for a feeder
$8.35 for a lamp
$.83 for a small bucket
$.70 for drugs and vaccinations