cambodia student

Associated organization REACH is a not-for-profit organization based in Siem Reap, Cambodia.  It provides ongoing integrated programs to impoverished families with the end goal of breaking longstanding cycles of poverty.  A core focus is to provide the basic necessities of education.  205 students attend a partner government school in the urban slums of Siem Reap. When school resumes these supplies will allow children to attend.  Without these items, disadvantaged children are not able to attend school and are often forced to succumb to exploitative labor.


$7.00 backpack
$8.00 school shoes and socks
$12.00 school uniform
$15.00 coursebook
$60.00 bicycle and lock
$10 Covid-19 food relief packs which include 10kg rice,
12 eggs, 3 noodle packets, 1 tin of fish, 1 bottle cooking oil, 1 soap bar and 4 sheets of homework