children walking with food supplies

There are 4500 motorcycle-taxi drivers in the eastern region of Beni, North Kivu Province. Each driver transports an average 40 people a day. A voluntary organization, ID’A (Initiatives d’Auto-emploi – self-employed initiatives) will make and distribute the masks and distribute the washing stations. The organization also will provide information regarding preventive measures and hygiene. Mototaxi drivers will take care of the received equipment and the water in the washing devices. The beneficiaries will pay for the wooden planks to hold the washing station and they will maintain it. They also will buy chlorine to sterilize the water as well as soap.


The following are needed in order to make protective masks:
$2.00 per yard of material;
$4.00 per box of thread;
$.20 for elastic
$6.00 for a pair of scissors.

Washing Stations require a 105 liter tank $15.00 and a 20 liter bucket $$7.00.