children walking with food supplies

All children, including internally displaced children due to the ongoing war, who attend school in Buea, Cameroon, do not have access to safe, clean water. Children have to walk long distances in search of water during school. Sometimes the water is from unclean streams and rivers. This usually results in the children suffering from water borne diseases and poor performance in school. The problems are compounded with Covid-19. United Action for Children has developed a project where large tri-cycles would be used to carry water from areas with water access to schools without water access. There is a need for hand washing stations, sanitizers and soaps. Training of the children and teachers on the use of the hand washing stations will also occur. Thousands of children will benefit from these hand washing stations.


$13.00 will provide a hand washing station
$.90 will provide hand sanitizer
$.55 will provide a bar of soap for school children