The cards provide instructions on how to use the contraceptive pills as emergency contraception in case of rape and how to get help if they are sexually violated. Incessant rain, widespread floods and landslides from two Category 4 hurricanes have left over 128,000 Hondurans stranded in shelters and informal camps. The loss of homes and agricultural land has set the stage for one of the worst crises the country has ever faced. Women and girls are suffering disproportionately. Even before the onset of the crisis, sexual violence was widely prevalent. Sixteen percent of Honduran girls are sexually violated before the age of 18 and after the displacement caused by the hurricanes, these numbers are increasing significantly. Associated Organization: Optio.


 $15.00 will provide one adolescent girl or woman displaced by Hurricane Eta and Iota with feminine wipes, underwear, sanitary pads, conceptive pills, condoms and information cards.