The Yakum-Sachawaysa community is located in the Ecuadorian Amazon region. Their goal is to reforest an approximate 15 acre area with plants that can be used for food and medicinal purposes. Approximately 120 people will benefit from this reforestation through high nutrition foods for consumption and sale.


 $1.00 per tree. The following tools are needed for reforestation and to build a compost system: $10.00 per shovel; $10.00 per spade; $5.00 machete. $50.00 per wheelbarrow; $20.00 per measuring tape; $20.00 per heavy duty rake; $4.00 per watering pail; $40.00 PVC pipe; $10.00 per wire unit; nails $4.00 per unit; $10.00 per zinc roof sheet; $5.00 per wood board; $20.00 per wood post; $40.00 per tank and $20.00 per pitchfork.