Health in Harmony works alongside 31 communities in the Manombo Forest in Madagascar and provides educational support through training, teacher support, school infrastructure and materials. Due to poverty and poor infrastructure experienced by these communities, education support was identified by the community as a primary need. There are 12 primary schools in the 31 villages. Each school provides education to approximately 240 children. Parents contribute approximately $.30 and one cup of rice for the teacher, to send one child to school for a month. Interdependent solutions are designed by communities and educational support not only educates the children but also allows their mothers to attend agricultural trainings and provide for their families.


The following supplies and equipment are needed:
$4.00 protractor; $4.00 compass; $4.00 - $9.00 rulers; $13.00 per bench; $16.00 - $26.00 blackboards; $26.00 desk with chair; $40.00 teacher’s desk and chair; and $79.00 paper.