Relief supplies such as food bags, hygiene kits and a truck to transport the disabled. Tiny Moldova is almost an afterthought on the Central European landscape. Afflicted with grinding poverty, it struggles to exist with little industrialization and barely feeds itself with food from its minuscule wheat harvests. Inconveniently, it borders on southern Ukraine, a country recently invaded by Russia. Since the war began over 325,000 Ukrainians continue to seek refuge in Moldova, a country ill-prepared to cope with this human tragedy. Fortunately for Moldova, a cadre of current Peace Corps Volunteers (PCV) and Returning Peace Corps Volunteers (RPCV) earlier created to assist in developmental projects. Now they shifted gears and are working 24/7 throughout the country to address this onslaught and mitigate the human toll. These PC & RPVCs, whose labor is voluntary, know the lay of the land and know where to procure and how to best utilize resources to house, feed and transport the refugees. Major aid organizations have focused on neighboring countries rather than Moldova so this assistance is critical.